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Thomas Mario Palopoli
Thomas Mario Palopoli

Creator of authentic and functional websites.

I am practicing “Holistic Web Development”. It means it is WHOLE. It takes into account ALL aspects of the project. The founders and their unique character, story and energy. The project in itself, carrying clearly the right message to its customers.

Being extra-creative, unique, and excellent is what I aim for every website project I commit to. I use my strong empathy and sense of organisation to deliver a masterpiece from the idea to the final result.

My wide range of hard and soft skills will make me your best ally for the creation of an exceptional digital identity.

What I Do
  • WordPress Development
  • Minimal Graphic Design
  • Trainings and Consulting
  • Webmaster, maintenance
Who I Am
  • Extra-logical thinker
  • Sensitive and Powerful
  • Consciousness Explorer
  • Facing ALL Challenges