Minimalistic and professional e-shop. Letting customer reach out in a fast and intuitive way.

  • Product Photography
  • Complete E-shop
  • Custom Design
  • Trainings on Maintenance
Specific features
  • Portfolio of Products
  • Contact Form
Kristjan Ungerson


What We Delivered

Long sessions of product photography in the warehouse where all kitchen equipment was stored. Creating a PDF file of all items with details and price.
See PDF → XLKitchenStuff – Machines

Setting up a portfolio website of all items, with price and details, and reference code for customers to request the items they are interested in. Creating custom email with redirection to the owner’s email. A straightforward contact form to let customers ask more information.

Responsive Design

Because more and more web consumers are surfing through their smartphone, we need to focus on the quality of the mobile version of your website.

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